Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My completed wall hangings

The sunflower is a design of Vikki Pignatelli which
I made after doing a 2 day workshop with her.

It was a great workshop and I was happy with the
outcome of my wall hanging.

This wall hanging was constructed in a workshop with Helen Godden. It was a 2 day workshop which consisted of drawing (freehand) a design of choice (still life) on to calico.

The next step was to paint the picture and then quilting the design to bring out the features.

Also if you wanted you could add appliques to enhance the design further and this I did in the way of the white chair and I added a cheaters piece of fabric to form the quilt on the chair.

Stay tuned, more to come, Coral

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Lauray said...

You are a clever, clever Girl! Well done, and thank you for sharing these with us!