Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Excited

This is my first entry into my blog and I wanted to show you what I am excited about. I have been working on this project since doing a workshop with Cara Gulati back in Aug 2008. Also I am excited because I have FINALLY mastered free motion quilting. It only took 8 years to master! This year I am planning many more art type quilts and landscapes. I have already started on 2 art quilts and hope to show them in the Craftfest (Gold Coast) in March.


Nicole and Phil said...

what a great piece!
Well done, and look forward to seeing more great stuff on your blog!

Julie said...

Hi Coral, you have been tagged in the 6th picture tag. Please visit my site if your able to join in the fun this time so you can read about my 6th picture and how this tag works. Julie

Zlaty said...

Hi, You are really good at the free motion!!! Do you have any tips for me :)) I just started it but i enjoy the creativity!
Look forward to more post!

Happy Sewing!